Shams Azar Holding


Shams Azar Production Complex was put into operation in 1979 as Shams Azar Flour Manufacturing Company.

Increasing demand of customers has put the managers of this company into buying the most modern machines in the world, in the field of production of various types of flour, including pasta flour with a monthly capacity of 12,000 tons, also manufacturing pasta machines with a monthly production capacity of 4,500 tons. Shams Azar factory with a capacity of 100,000 tons of grain storage silos, in addition, 10,000 tons of sheds and cold storages to store agricultural products, has about 3 km of dedicated railway for transporting all grain and agricultural products throughout Iran and also transporting to all railways of countries which have connection with Iran.

Currently, Shams Azar Company has different units for producing flour, pasta manufacturing lines, tomato paste and canned foods, cellophane and carton. Furthermore, it owns the export terminal and one of the main pasta producing machineries in Iran.

Last year, Shams Azar Holding started to operate the production units to get closer to the target markets specially in Iraq and Afghanistan including: flour, macaroni, cake and cookie factories. The purpose of establishing complexes in those countries, is to be able to minimize the cost of production in the target countries by investing in production units, contributing to the economic well-being of the people of those countries.

In addition, we have to admit the cultural activity too, this company created a young soccer team during a year, which is supposed to improve the culture of teamwork for the youth of Iran. Presently, Shams Azar Company has continuous activities and exports to 43 countries of Central Asia and the Middle East, CIS countries, West Africa and Russia.


Shams Azar Company is proud to receive the following certifications:

  • ISO 22000-2005 certificate from the TUV Intercert company
  • . ISO 9001-2008 certificate from the TUV Intercert company.
  • Research and development certificate from the Organization of Industries and Mines.
  • License to manufacture all types of flour and pasta from the Food Supervision Department.
  • Standard license for various types of flour and pasta from the Office of Standards and Industrial Research.
  • Export certificate from BVERIT ASUEAU.



Fields of activity of the company

Shams Azar Holding is made up of several large companies that are operating and producing in various fields, some of the important ones are mentioned below..

favpng spaghetti

Pasta production

Production of all kinds of string and form pasta in various designs and sizes


Production of tomato paste

Production of tomato paste with the best quality and in various volumes

ard min

Flour production

Production of pasta flour


Machine manufacturing

Production of machines for the pasta production industry